Wedding Officiant Crashes Los Angeles Networking Mixer

Ok, I wasn’t exactly crashing the mixer since I did know the hosts, but I do want to give you a review of The Casting Office Bar & Grill at 3575 Cahuenga Blvd. West in Universal City. It’s a friendly, fun bar with good drinks, all day and all night breakfast, free ping pong, and a cozy upstairs area that would be perfect for your bachelor or bachelorette party, a post wedding rehearsal destination, or even your wedding reception. Mixer

First mixer at The Casting Office

There were probably 150 Ithaca College alumni and current students, as well as other Los Angeles entertainment industry folks, mixing and mingling last night, exchanging business cards, commiserating on the challenges of finding work in LA, and enjoying generous drinks, nachos and quesadillas. The positive vibe matched the buzz of conversation at last night’s first networking mixer put together by the guys at, an online community for folks trying to break into “The Industry” in Los Angeles. Everyone seemed to be in a good mood, even the fish in the aquariums behind the bar, and I got to talk with The Casting Office owner Teena Iversen as she fed her Siamese fighting fish.

To soak up some of my Jack and Coke, I ordered the delicious beef nachos and shared them with a few friends. The Casting Office’s menu ranges from the usual bar appetizers to cold and hot sandwiches, pasta and pizza, and specialty dinners. If your wedding party shows up on a Monday or Thursday night, you can get join the karaoke action. The ping pong is always complimentary, so maybe a wedding attendant tournament might break out, or the bride’s and groom’s parents could challenge each other! Oh, and did I mention the all-day breakfast menu? Who doesn’t like French toast after a wedding rehearsal or a long day of post production work?

The Casting Office Bar & Grill

The Casting Office Bar & Grill in Universal City

For the really offbeat wedding couple, why not have your whole ceremony at the Casting Office? I’m sure Teena would be more than happy to accomodate such a joyful celebration, and your friends will appreciate the Western decor, delicious food, friendly bar service and ample $2 parking in the garage. Making a grand entrance down the open-air staircase would be pretty romantic, no? I know I would love to attend a wedding here any night of the week.

This wedding officiant gives The Casting Office Bar & Grill 5 stars and recommends that you check it out for some part of your wedding celebration. Or just come by with your friends on any night for a guaranteed pleasant evening.

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Wedding officiant specializing in "personal touch" weddings. I make sure that every ceremony I create and lead is a reflection of the values, beliefs, humor and wishes of each couple. All couples are welcome, from the traditional to the off-beat, straight or gay. Free consultation for all couples before you make your officiant selection.
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