Online Wedding “Thrift Store”

Laura the bridal bloggerMy office is on summer hours, so I get off at 3pm (Yay!!!) which is good, since I have to be in Camarillo, 50 miles away, by 5pm (boo…). As I gobbled a PB&J at my desk, I scanned a few wedding blogs and came across Laura’s blog: Laura is a beautiful bridal blogger from LA who got married back in April. She’s selling some of her reusables from her wedding, so if you’d like to take a peek at her fares, click on over!

I found Laura’s blog through an article on‘s blog. SnapKnot is a wedding photographer locater website that I just found (How, I don’t remember..that was at least 15 minutes ago!). It’s very well designed and has some great interviews with photographers and brides. It’s so nice to see beautiful wedding photography, and this is a great place to do that as well as get ideas for your upcoming wedding!

Tonight I’ll be in Camarillo for Crystal and Charlie’s rehearsal. I might just go to the beach for some stargazing after the rehearsal dinner. Wouldn’t an evening beach wedding be nice? I really thought I’d have been an officiant for a beach wedding by now. Hopefully soon! I’ll be back to Camarillo tomorrow for the wedding and will have my officiant pics up tomorrow night or sometime Sunday, so stop back then!

About revjonflores

Wedding officiant specializing in "personal touch" weddings. I make sure that every ceremony I create and lead is a reflection of the values, beliefs, humor and wishes of each couple. All couples are welcome, from the traditional to the off-beat, straight or gay. Free consultation for all couples before you make your officiant selection.
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