Point Dume Dolphin Wedding

Bertrand and Joanna at Point Dume with LA Wedding Officiant and Celebrant You can’t see them in this shot, but Joanna and Bertrand had some unexpected but welcome guests at their wedding, several dolphins! Their Point Dume appearance added a  bit more magic to an already special day for Joanna, Bertrand and their family and friends. My “job” as a wedding officiant hardly seems like work when such amazing people invite me into their lives on their wedding day, and living in California has so many perks for wedding couples, such as dolphins!

Congratulations, Bert and Joanna!

About revjonflores

Wedding officiant specializing in "personal touch" weddings. I make sure that every ceremony I create and lead is a reflection of the values, beliefs, humor and wishes of each couple. All couples are welcome, from the traditional to the off-beat, straight or gay. Free consultation for all couples before you make your officiant selection.
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1 Response to Point Dume Dolphin Wedding

  1. Joanna & Bert says:

    We always wanted to get married on the beach: bare feet in the sand, the sun, a fine breeze blowing and the ocean’s waves as a soundtrack… Dolphins were unexpected wedding guests like a gift from the nature to bless us and our friends on this magic day.
    Jon contributed a lot to this journey.
    Since our first meeting, he always provided a great support and inspiration in order to guide us through the ceremony: suggesting different texts, poems, blessings,as well as helping with all the administrative procedures.
    We appreciated his kindness, open minded spirit and easy going approach.
    It was just perfect on our wedding day: he became part of the family.
    Having Jon blessing us with his great smile made us happy and confident through the ceremony.
    Thank you so much Jon!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Joanna & Bert

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