Here are answers to “25 smart questions to ask your wedding officiant” that I pulled off of AustinWeddingBlog. I’ve added a couple of my own as well…

How long have you been a wedding officiant?
I was ordained as a wedding officiant on May 25, 2007 by the Church of Spiritual Humanism.

How many weddings have you performed?
Seventeen, as of October 20, 2010. I’ve also planned and led many church worship services, which are similar to what is involved in a wedding ceremony. Click here to read what my wedding couples have said about my wedding officiant services.

Are you available on my wedding date?
Please contact me to find out! Los Angeles wedding officiants are busy, so you should contact me as soon as you have a date in mind.

Have you ever officiated at our venue before? How did it go?
Same answer as the previous question. Every venue is different and has its own challenges. One of the joys of being a wedding officiant in Southern California is that there are so many different venues available, from the lavish to the picturesque. Your backyard or a neighbor’s backyard can make great venue as well. As a professional officiant, I understand how to adapt to any venue.

Will you marry couples of different faiths?
Of course! I tailor each ceremony to reflect each couple’s own sense of spirituality and faith traditions. I also work with agnostic or atheist couples. Since I am a non-denominational wedding officiant, I work with couples from all faiths and spiritual beliefs.

Do we have to be a member of your church?
No. You don’t need to belong to any church for me to officiate your wedding.

Do you require any pre-marital or religious class requirements?
No. I can refer you to a pre-marital pastoral counselor if you would like counseling.

Will you marry couples if one or both have been divorced?
Yes. I will also gladly marry couples who already have children or who are expecting a child. If you have children, you may include them as attendants, flower girls or ring bearers. There are many ways to include children in your ceremony.

Do you allow for couples to personalize their own wedding vows?

Do you allow flash photography during the ceremony?
That’s totally your call.

Do you have any restrictions as to our attire, or our bridal party’s attire?
No. You can be as traditional, modern or off-beat as you wish. It’s your wedding!

Do you provide any prayers or meal blessings during the wedding day?
I can if asked.

Do you allow any non-religious readings or music?
Absolutely. Any readings or music that is meaningful to you could be included.

Would you be able to attend the rehearsal dinner with your spouse?
Usually my husband does not attend rehearsals or weddings with me.

What is your fee for a short, civil ceremony?
I charge $150 for a brief, civil ceremony.

What is your fee for a full ceremony?
$150 for a weekday wedding, $300-$475 for a weekend wedding. I also charge an additional $50 for attending your rehearsal. Please contact me if you have questions about my fees, since I frequently run special offers and can work with couples in difficult financial situations. A 50% nonrefundable deposit is required to secure your wedding date.

What does your fee include?
As many meetings, phone calls or emails with me as you wish as we prepare your ceremony; your customized and personalized wedding ceremony led by me; I will sign your marriage license and mail it to the County Clerk’s office within 24 hours unless we have another arrangement agreed upon.

What attire do you wear while performing a ceremony?
I usually wear a dark suit and tie. I also have a light colored ceremonial robe and several less formal outfits. If you have a special theme (tropical, cowboy, vintage, Star Wars…) in mind, I can work with you on that!

Do you charge for travel to our venue?
I do not charge for any venue within 20 miles of my home. For rehearsals and weddings further than 20 miles, I charge $1 per mile (50 cents per mile each way). This applies to the rehearsal as well if me attending your rehearsal is part of our agreement.

What are your time restrictions?
I am usually available for a two hour period of time on your wedding day.

Do you need a copy of our marriage license before the ceremony?
You will need to bring your marriage license to the wedding, and I will sign it after the ceremony. I currently do not issue marriage licenses, so you will need to obtain yours from a county clerk’s office prior to your wedding day. Here are links to the Los Angeles County, Orange County, and Ventura County marriage license instruction pages.

Will you be mailing it to the state after the ceremony if performed?
I will mail your marriage license to the proper county clerk’s office after your ceremony.

Can you provide any sample wording for your ceremony?
Yes. We can discuss different vow options, ring exchange options and special elements you’d like to include, such as hand fasting, unity candle, sand ceremony or wine ceremony.

How far in advance should we book your services?
I recommend at least 3 months in advance. As soon as you have a date for your wedding, you can think

What is your cancellation policy?
If you cancel your wedding, you forfeit your 50% deposit. If you change your wedding date and I am available on your new date, I will book your new date with an additional $50 “change date” fee. If I am not available on your new date, you will forfeit your deposit.

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